Summer Fades to Fall – Transitioning Your Wardrobe

summer fades to fall

transitioning your wardrobe

Here in New England, we are in that weird time of year where we will have a super hot 80-degree day, and the next is 55 and cold. Even on those hot days, the mornings are chilly and it is hard to dress appropriately. I also don’t like to spend a ton of money on my wardrobe. I mean, of course I like to shop, but due to the whole budget thing (see husband, I do try and be frugal!), I also try and maximize what I already have. Going from summer to fall makes it easy to borrow clothes from one season to the next!

how to do double duty

When transitioning into the next season, make your clothes do double duty! A simple way I make my clothes work for me is by layering on top of my summer tops. By adding the extra layer, it helps ward off the chills on those cool mornings. And then I have a layer I can remove in the afternoon (because chasing little kids around= immediately overheating). This basic tank is my go-to in the summer, and I don’t think I will stop wearing it any time soon! Just switch out your shorts for some jeans, add some cute booties and a statement necklace and you have a simple yet stylish outfit.

I need to mention these jeans specifically too- they are all I’ve worn lately! They are so comfortable and fit great. They look more expensive than they really are. Go try them on; you’ll thank me! I have them in the distressed version too. (Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for direct links to these items or similar ones!).


If you ever wonder who I am laughing at in my pictures, usually it is my friend Jenn at From the Family with Love. I am not totally comfortable being in front of the camera, and she helps me not take myself too seriously  😉 Here she is!

Gorgeous, isn’t she?



Tory Burch Fall 2017—a modern take on Tory's Philadelphia heritage—now at NORDSTROM.

Recreate the look here:

Similar top here

Similar booties (Mine are the same brand)

Pictures by Jenn and Bekah

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Child Interviews 2017

I’ve had it on my list to do interviews with the children for longer than I can remember. There’s no better time of year to do that than at the start of the school year!  (Now let’s just hope I can remember to do it at the same time every year…)

Scarlett started pre school last week (cue the waterworks!) and she LOVES it. There’s nothing more fulfilling for a mom than watching your child thrive! She asks to go to school every day, even though she’s only in a M/W/F half day program. And she also asks if the bus will pick her up that day. May you always have an excitement for the bus, my dear… 
Scroll down to see our first day of school pictures! 


How old are you? This old (holds up four fingers) 

What’s your favorite animal? Doggie and horsie 

What’s your favorite thing to do? Sit down and watch a show

What’s your favorite thing to play with? Horsie

What’s your favorite game? Hide and seek

What’s your favorite show? Spirit

What’s your favorite word? I love you mom so much 

Who is your best friend? Really far Hannah

What’s your favorite color? Pink purple blue red green 

What do you want to be when you grow up? Dentist

What’s your favorite food? Pizza


How old are you? Holds up ten fingers and says four 

What’s your favorite animal? Tiger

What’s your favorite thing to do? Airplane 

What’s your favorite thing to play with? Outside toys

What’s your favorite game? Monster trucks

What’s your favorite show? Helping show (robo poli)

What’s your favorite word? Basketball

Who is your best friend? You (mama)

What is your favorite color? Orange

What do you want to be when you grow up? Helping (police officer)

What is your favorite food? Mac and cheese

Onto the pictures! 

Showing off her backpack (which she chose, obviously). 

Have you done a kid interview before? I think the results are guaranteed to make you laugh. Share the results of your interview below!