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Ultimate Woman’s Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Do you leave buying stocking stuffers to the last minute? (Raises hand…) I am trying to be conscious about it this year and get better about it. My husband, on the other hand, would admit he may or may not forget about my stocking until Christmas Eve every year… and then I get a stocking full of gum and Snickers bars. Not that there is anything wrong with that! But it got me thinking… maybe a gift guide for the guys for stocking stuffers for women might be beneficial! Here is what I thought would be AWESOME to find in my stocking. Some things I use daily but can always use more of, but I would still be equally as excited to get! And some are new and I really think I need too. Gifts are my love language! Sorry…


[eafl id=712 name=”dry shampoo” text=”dry shampoo”] / [eafl id=702 name=”kate spade wallet” text=”wallet”] / [eafl id=714 name=”bangle” text=”bangle”] / [eafl id=715 name=”essie cabana boy” text=”nail polish”] / [eafl id=716 name=”liquid eyeliner” text=”liquid eyeliner”] / [eafl id=708 name=”buxom lipstick” text=”lipstick”] / [eafl id=709 name=”lashblast” text=”mascara”] / [eafl id=710 name=”quay sunglasses” text=”sunglasses”] / [eafl id=711 name=”michael kors x ring” text=”ring”]

[eafl id=712 name=”dry shampoo” text=”Dry shampoo”] is life, whether you are a stay at home mom or not. I know I would appreciate something like this. Let’s hope she thinks you are sweet and not hinting at a hygiene issue…

I’ve had the same [eafl id=713 name=”kate spade wallet” text=”wallet”] for a few years. As much as I love it, it is time for a change. The scallops on this [eafl id=702 name=”kate spade wallet” text=”wallet”] are to die for!

This [eafl id=714 name=”bangle” text=”bangle”] is so simple and chic. Something like this is inexpensive and perfect to add to anyone’s jewelry stack!

These [eafl id=710 name=”quay sunglasses” text=”sunglasses”] are amazing! I love the black rims for winter. I really need a pair. (Husband?)

I have only gotten into painting my nails consistently in the past few months. And even when I do, the polish doesn’t last more than a couple of days. I have always just been really rough with my hands, nevermind adding children to the mix. Either way, I need to add to my polish collection! This [eafl id=715 name=”essie cabana boy” text=”gray”] is so perfect for winter.

When (or if) I do my makeup, you can be sure that [eafl id=716 name=”liquid eyeliner” text=”liquid eyeliner”] is involved. The curse of being naturally blonde is that when I don’t wear makeup or eyeliner specifically, people ask if I’m sick. Wonderful. So, if I go into public and care how I look,[eafl id=716 name=”liquid eyeliner” text=”liquid eyeliner”] is in order.

My sister-in-law introduced me to this [eafl id=717 name=”buxom lipstick” text=”lipstick”] a few months ago and I’m in love! I usually am not a fan of lip-anything since I drink so much water (or eat constantly, let’s be honest), but I can make an exception for [eafl id=717 name=”buxom lipstick” text=”this.”] It subtly plumps your lips and adds just a hint of color. It’s perfect!

I’ve used this [eafl id=709 name=”lashblast” text=”mascara”] since I was in high school. Not even joking. I’ve tried others over the years, but honestly nothing comes close! [eafl id=709 name=”lashblast” text=”This “]is a great staple, low price point, and fits perfectly in the stocking.

I love this [eafl id=711 name=”michael kors x ring” text=”ring”]! I have a cheapie version of it, but this nice Michael Kors ring would be a nice investment. (My husband dislikes when I refer to anything that doesn’t increase in value as an investment. In my opinion, if I call it an investment, it helps justify the purchase. Right?!) [eafl id=711 name=”michael kors x ring” text=”This”] looks so chic as a right hand ring. Simple and understated. Put it in the stocking!

Men, I hope you are planning ahead this Christmas! Get your ladies some nice things in their stockings this year. Believe me, planning ahead pays off!

Have a great day everyone!

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