Three Months From Now…

Just chillin with my free samples.

I am a doer. Plans are great in my head, but sometimes I get stuck on the details (we can’t be good at everything, right?. I was so happy when Basic Invite reached out to me to help organize my brain and get my thinking past next week and into the holidays! I tend to wait a little too long to order my Christmas cards online, and then I feel overwhelmed trying to choose the perfect cards. Never mind the time it takes to print and have them delivered to me. And THEN to address them and mail them out. All before Christmas. In theory.

I had a hard time deciding which card was my favorite since Basic Invite offers so many gorgeous styles. They also offer complete customization and almost unlimited color options too, so I had so much fun playing around! You can customize online and see an instant preview online. They also have 40 different envelope options. I think that is a really nice way to make your card stand out among the others!

The feature I REALLY loved was that they offer FREE custom samples. I am a very visual person, so it really helped to hold my choices in my hand to decide what my favorite option was. They also offer free address capturing services and foil options.

It would be just as helpful to use the free samples for your
holiday party invitations or even happy holiday cards!

Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51

Plan ahead and take advantage of it! You will thank yourself come Thanksgiving…

Please act surprised family and friends when one of these arrives in your mailbox in a few months… I just can’t decide which one! What would you choose?

Check out some of their beautiful options!

You can connect with them here:





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