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Random Musings.

It’s Friday! The eve of the weekend. Can I hear a WOO HOO?!

My friends and I are doing our first annual Friendsgiving tomorrow! We have been looking forward to this for months. Six adults and nine kids… wish us luck!

Some scenes from our week…

I kind of hated on the whole matching-kid thing, until I had two girls. Now I can’t stop! Matching moccasins (c/o Freshly Picked) and cuddling and happy about it? My heart just exploded. There is nothing better.

I think Scarlett has outgrown her nap, as hard as that is to say. She went through a phase in the summer where she wouldn’t nap as often, but once fall hit she went back to napping every day. Now I just need to mentally prepare myself (again) to have a non-napper. She will be four in April so the timing makes sense. We are still in that weird phase where a nap is too much and no nap is kind of a disaster. Pray for me.

Up All Night
The second time this week she is up past 9:30. Literally keeping me from going to bed. #earlyriser #icantdonighttime
My (saint!) sister watched the kids for me on Thursday night so I could get my hair done. My poor sister…. I neglected to tell her that the bottle needs a little valve on it or it will spill EVERYWHERE. So after a few minutes of instruction and talking her off the edge, all was fine. Poor Eloise couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t be fed.

Darn you, daylight savings. Too dark for outfit pictures.
I finally started a new book this week! Wait and See by Wendy Pope. I am only two chapters in so I can’t give an official review yet, but I am so impressed so far! It is exactly what I need right now.

Wait and See

I wanted a couple extra minutes of cuddle time since I don’t get to often and Eloise was sick, so we rocked in the glider. She would put her head down on me for a minute, then pop up and look at her crib. Relax for a minute, then look at her crib. She did this for like 5 minutes so I just laid her down, and she went right to sleep. Break. My. Heart. I am so glad she likes her crib, but man did that make me sad that I couldn’t rock her!

Did you check out the other posts this week? Click the pictures below to take you there.

It wont always be this hard

 I am overwhelmed at how many of you enjoy my outfit posts! I really don’t consider myself a “fashion blogger” by any means, but these are, to my surprise,  overwhelmingly popular. Consider myself humbled! Click the picture below to take you to the post where I included links to sources.


My girlfriends and I have a big shopping date planned for next weekend, so you can expect a dressing room report! I. Can’t. Wait.

Today is the LAST DAY to enter the Freshly Picked moccasin giveaway on my Instagram! And mark your calendars for 11.22.16 where their ENTIRE website is 25% off. You read that right.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. You’ll have to let me/us know how that book is. “Wait and see” is definitely something I struggle with! Patience is not a strong card in my deck.

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