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Five Season Room

I’ve been hesitant to share more of the house, because it is still so very unfinished. In the days of Pinterest, perfect Instagrams, and instant gratification, our house is far from complete. (Think a whole dimension away from finished.). But, I have resolved that it’s OK. I started this blog for the community and to keep a log for myself, so I am going to share. Join me in the imperfection! It takes a while to make a house into a home, right?

When we were first looking to buy our home, Marcus kept referring to the four season room as the five season room. It happened more times than we could count, and it made us die laughing every time. This room was a total selling feature for us, and we have already gotten so much use out of it!

This room is right off the kitchen, and because of the location, it was one of the first rooms we furnished. We knew we would be spending a lot of time out here, whether it be for early morning coffee and reading, games with daddy when he gets home from work, or for night chats after the kids went to bed. It serves as a great kid corral area when we come inside from the pool and have to change out of wet suits without tracking on the hardwood floors.

This door leads out to the small porch where we have our little potted vegetable garden (yay I grew things/kept them alive!) and our grill.

If your turned around, looking back into the house.

Vegetables! That I didn’t water yet apparently…

So while it is far from finished, it is a good start!

Now onto the good stuff!
Couches (sold out, check out similar)
Hanging Chair (similar)
Throw blanket
Pillows (old, similar here)
String Lights
Watering Can (old, similar)
Coffee Table (I stained it) (similar
Hanging Basket
Outdoor Tree Stump Table & Chairs
Kids Grill
Kid Chairs
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So, tell me. Do you have a certain room that sold you when you bought your home? Or maybe a part of your home you didn’t realize you would use as much as you do? Share below!

4 thoughts on “Five Season Room

  1. It’s just beautiful Nicole, you have a gift for decor!! Carl mentioned wanting to get started on your closet project., he’s in the final stages of Kristen’s third bathroom. Your home is already beautiful, will be more so when it’s done๐Ÿ˜Š

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