Nothing is Wasted Feature

I had the privilege of sharing my story for Davey and Kristi Blackburn’s incredible blog, Nothing is Wasted. Click the link below to read: https://www.nothingiswasted.com/stories-blog/nicole-warner Thank you all for your support and for following along in our journey. It means so much to me! Thankful for you all. Really.

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The Year of the Widow; Taking Back My Power

Because my world was rocked so early into the new year, it kind of segmented 2019 in my mind. This year is the year of being a widow, less a couple weeks. It would have been so easy to retreat, to stay home and avoid situations where I had to interact with people, or may… Continue reading The Year of the Widow; Taking Back My Power


Never Alone – Be Still Ministries

Thoughts have been swirling in my brain these past few days. This past weekend was so therapeutic, so healing and inspiring. I was invited to spend the weekend with other young widows. Widows in their 30’s and 40’s with young children, just like me. It was painful, but also a special sort of wonderful to… Continue reading Never Alone – Be Still Ministries


Three Months From Now…

I am a doer. Plans are great in my head, but sometimes I get stuck on the details (we can’t be good at everything, right?. I was so happy when Basic Invite reached out to me to help organize my brain and get my thinking past next week and into the holidays! I tend to… Continue reading Three Months From Now…

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The Darkness is Good for us.

The darkness is good for us. As I was putting my youngest to bed tonight, she complained about how dark her room was, as she does every night. And every night I tell her how even though she may not like it, the dark environment is good for her. It is beneficial to help her… Continue reading The Darkness is Good for us.