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Year In Review // Decade Recap

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A lot has changed in the past ten years, and even more this year.

Going through pictures and memories from this year has me remembering the big adventure we have lived! I love doing a year in review and am trying to get better about documenting my life and adventures here.

2010 Celebrated one year of marriage to Marcus and moved to Connecticut from Florida.

2011 Took a trip to Florida. Friends flew up for New Years and spent it in NYC.

2012 Bought our first home in North Haven, Connecticut. Took a cruise with friends.

2013 The year I became a mom. We welcomed Scarlett in April and I became a stay at home mom. Spent many days in NYC and hiking Sleeping Giant.

2014 Got my Real Estate license. Enjoyed a babymoon in Newport, RI. We welcomed Levi to our family!

2015 Traveled to Florida and Mississippi and took a road trip back home with my sister, her two dogs, and my two babies. Lindsay and her husband lived with us for the summer and it was the most fun! Also saw American Pharaoh win the Triple Crown at the Belmont Stakes. Traveled to Lake Winnipisaukee, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland,

2016 Eloise joined our family! We listed our Connecticut home and I started blogging.

2017 We bought our home in New Hampshire. We vacationed in the Dominican Republic.

2018 Traveled a ton! Went to Nashville, Dallas, California.

2019 The year Marcus died and I became a widow. The year my children lost their daddy.

Photo by Nicole Baas

This was the hardest year of my life. I experienced the greatest tragedy but also experienced much joy and happiness.

2019 Year in Review

January: Marcus died on the 15. Funeral was on the 22.

February: We all get the flu (guess that is what you get for hugging 4,394 people!). Traveled to Lake Winnipisaukee with my best friend. Blogged for the first time in a long time.

March: Took a trip to Florida with Scarlett and my sister and stayed with Marcus’ best friend and their wife. Spent days sitting in the sun and recharging. My younger sister and her husband sold their house in Connecticut and moved in with me. My family gave me a surprise 30th birthday party! I spent a weekend with my best girlfriends on the Cape (my first time!) for my 30th birthday. My older sister surprised me by flying in from Seattle!

Lauren Daigle concert
The girls in Boston
Birthday weekend on the Cape
The whole gang in Florida after watching For King and Country perform

April: Completed my second round of Move Sweat Shred. Went skiing for the first time since I was a teen. Took a trip to Connecticut to spend a week with my best friend and her family. Wrote for Love What Matters. Celebrated Scarlett’s birthday. Marcus’ grave was installed.

Best friend family in Connecticut

May: A sweet friend of my mom’s donated a tree in Marcus’ honor that we planted in the front of the house and a bunch of friends helped do work around the house. My kids’ school donated a playplace we installed in our backyard. I wrote an article for Kidspot. Took a trip to Pennsylvania, and spent a weekend on Governor’s Island with my mom friends. Celebrated Ellie’s birthday and dedicated her at church.

Sweet friends helping work on the house. Pink tree is Marcus’ tree.
Ellie’s dedication at church
Mom friends on the way to Governor’s Island
Ellie’s first horse show
Of course randomly given number 22, Daddy’s number

June: Ran the town 5k with my siblings, the same (and only) race Marcus every did. Enjoyed a Red Sox game behind home plate with Scarlett, Levi, and my dad. We spent a fun night in Boston to celebrate my younger sister’s birthday. Celebrated our first father’s day with daddy in Heaven. Got new family pictures taken. Eloise competed at her first horse show! We spent another week in Connecticut.

Lobster Tail 5k
Family run
Gorgeous family pictures
Boston for Kelsey’s birthday

July: More beach days than we could count! Celebrated my high school best friend’s bachelorette in Portland. Car got hit and run. Friends flew us to Florida for an amazing oceanside vacation. A close friend of mine passed away. The kids spent a week at the in-laws in Pennsylvania while I went north.

Ready to get on the airplane
Portland for Lindsay’s bachelorette party

August: Spent our ten year anniversary next to some of my best friends and worshipping. Spent the mornings at the lake, evenings at Soulfest. Took the kids to Canobie Lake Park. Spent most Saturday mornings playing tennis, which I hadn’t played for years! More time at the lake. In a Heartbeat donated an AED to my kids’ school and to us. Ellie started school!

Sunrise at Lake Winnipisaukee

September: Scarlett and Levi started school! Ran Scarlett to the ER…for being constipated… Celebrated Marcus’ first birthday in Heaven. Celebrated Levi’s birthday at a karate dojo. Ellie started dance class. Flew to Nashville for the young widow’s retreat. Spent a weekend at Governor’s Island with the girls.

Marcus’ birthday (we made his favorite cake, chocolate and peanut butter)
Some of the moms at the lake
How many girls can you fit in my Suburban?
New friends at the widow’s retreat at Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s house

October: I hosted our neighborhood block party. Marcus’ company organized a golf tournament in his honor. My family flew to Texas for my high school best friend’s wedding. Wrote an article for Nothing is Wasted. Met with Joe Faro (developer at Tuscan Village) to begin planning Marcus’ Memorial Race (race Facebook page here).

Texas for Lindsay’s wedding
My friend Shelly and I at the golf tournament

November: Flew to Nashville for a weekend. Bought a lakehouse with my brother in law and sister (rent it here!). Went to Equine Affaire. Saw Transiberian Orchestra, Casting Crowns/Elevation/Hillsong Worship. Spent Thanksgiving at my parents’. Wrote an article for What to Expect.

My best friend Rachel and I at Equine Affaire

December: Scarlett busted her chin sledding and had to go to the ER. Spoke at my church’s ladies Christmas program. Finished wallpapering my dining room. Went to Connecticut for a weekend. Spent Christmas at home and took the kids to the lake for a few days. Spent the last day of the year on Stowe skiing with one of my best friends.

New Years with Colleen
New Years skiing at Stowe

I am so glad I have so many memories and experiences to reflect on. This year in review helped me to process how much good is in my life and how amazing my friends and family are!

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  1. I found this blog through your Instagram page. I luh luh love IG because it gives me a sense of comfort so I knew I’d dig this blog, although I’m new to blogs. There is a tremendous amount of beauty in this blog by way of the great friends you have. You motivate us all as you continue to show bravery and grace in times of chaos. Your smile shines bright which, to me, is the ultimate tribute you can give to someone, as you display the love you have him/them. I hope you continue to shine, love, travel, dance and laugh. Your spirit and zest to live big is infectious. Sending a hug! #22

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