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Valentine’s Day as a Widow

It is a day that revolves around love. Celebrating it, showing it, experiencing it. I wrote on my Instagram this week how even though this will be my second Valentine’s Day since my husband passed, this is the first year I can really comprehend it. The holiday itself doesn’t make me overwhelmingly sad because we… Continue reading Valentine’s Day as a Widow


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him and Her

I had a little fun online shopping and compiling a Valentine’s Day gift guide this morning! I found a bunch of items that you can give to your significant other, your best friend, or even yourself (I won’t tell…). Less than two weeks until the day of love, so don’t wait any longer (ahem DAD… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him and Her


My Journey with Fitness & My Winter Workout Uniform

Shop this outfit and my favorite running & winter accessories here! It is no secret that I LOVE to work out. And two of the most common questions I get asked is how to find time as a mom and my favorite inexpensive workout clothes. So I thought it would be neat to let you… Continue reading My Journey with Fitness & My Winter Workout Uniform

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Saying Yes To Help

Allow people to help. As soon as Marcus died and I could catch my breath, I started the most daunting task of my life: telling people. How do you even begin that conversation? This is something so horrifying, so shocking, and so unexpected. I texted my best friend because I simply couldn’t speak to call… Continue reading Saying Yes To Help

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One Year Without You

It hurts so bad to live this life without him. We are doing really well in spite, but it’s awful. The worst thing I would have imagined in this life would have been him dying. And it happened. And it still doesn’t make sense to me because he was GOOD. And godly. And loving. And honest. And loyal. And all that is so rare.