There is Healing in Telling the Story (Featured on Love What Matters)

I think a common misconception about grief is that the griever doesn’t want to be reminded of the pain, to be reminded of what they lost. Now that I am unexpectedly walking this path, I realize I had the total wrong view! I love talking about Marcus, sharing our stories, sharing the joy through the pain. I still might cry as I share, but memories of him and our life together are just so wonderful. I was asked to share our story on Love What Matters and detail the sudden death of Marcus and how our family was affected. There was no shortage of tears writing down my memories and the moment I found out he had passed, but I am so thankful to have them recorded so I won’t forget. These details are important. It is part of our story. My kids are so young and I will want them to know these stories, those little details and see how God was working, as painful as it may be.

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