Getting Ready for Date Night Featuring Lipsense

Date night is highly coveted in our house. While official dates aren’t consistent, they are an eagerly anticipated break from the chaos that is three children. So you can imagine that when this special night comes around, I want to look my best! I mean we are to the point where my husband compliments me every time I wear makeup, which isn’t a lot #momlife #sorryhunny.  I am not one for lipgloss or lipstick (I drink and eat too much which smudges or fades it). I am no makeup guru, but I recently discovered how much I could elevate my look by adding a little lip color. But what does one do when lipstick just isn’t a good fit?

Enter Lipsense by SeneGence. I was sent a sample by my friend Tori and while I was hesitant (lips aren’t my thing!), I was interested to try it out.  Lipsense’s claim to fame is that the color lasts 18 hours and won’t smudge, budge, or kiss off. Let me tell you- with no exaggeration, this stuff LASTS and the claims are true! From getting ready, to kissing the kids on our way out, to a glass of wine and through dinner, I was so impressed! The color stayed on my lips and looked great. My husband couldn’t stop complimenting me! The color was very flattering and I felt great!

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If Lipsense is something you’ve been on the fence about trying or even are just hearing about it for the first time, contact Tori! She is so sweet and fun and can help match you to your perfect color. Lipsense comes in 36 different colors and 10 glosses. And you can mix and match colors to make your own custom creation! So cool, right?!  (I am wearing “Luv it”)

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Outfit Details:

Tank is only $12!

Clutch from last year, new similar one here:

Robe is $18 (or less!)

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photos by From the Family with Love 

Unconventional Valentine’s Day Outfit

If I am being completely honest, my husband and I have never been huge Valentine’s Day celebrators. Not that there is anything wrong with the holiday, we just never have gone out of our way to make a big deal out of it. I always see people posting these super cute Valentine’s Day outfit options, but they are totally fancier than I would need. So I decided to do a little dress up with a medium-dressy option, something that would be more suited to what we would do.

 Going with the traditional red, because it is Valentine’s Day after all!

I added a little pop of leopard for some fun!

With all the snow and cold winter temps, pants are really a more viable option in New England in February for me!

I had to include this picture: for those of you who don’t know, we are currently rooming with my parents who have a barn filled with horses. This is Zuko, and yes he is taller than me when he stands up. He protects the horses since my parents live in a more rural area. I had no idea he was behind me until my mom showed me after she took the pictures!

How cute are these shoes? Oh, and another dog photobomb.

My husband got me this pearl necklace for our six year anniversary. I thought it was fitting to wear for Valentine’s Day!

Black pants keep the look a little fancier than wearing just jeans.


black pants / J Crew d’orsay shoes (similar here) / cardigan / white tank / necklace / Michael Kors purse (similar here)

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What do you normally do? Share below! Maybe this year we will put more of an effort into celebrating it (hint hint Marcus… ha!)

Life Lately

I don’t know if it’s because of the season or what, but I cant keep track of time! I feel like weeks are flying by at warp speed. Here are some things that have been happening around here!


Little Eloise is six months old! She now sits, splashes in the bath, talks more and says different syllables like “baba” and “dada.” She loves to hit and bang her hands and is still the most sunshiny baby I’ve ever seen. We are so smitten with her! We are so blessed to have her as part of our family! Half a year; that flew by!

eloise 6 months

Scarlett had her last dance class last week. I am going to miss watching those crazy three & four-year-olds running around! Here’s Scarlett with her best friend Hannah. dance class

Scarlett requested we have matching Elsa hair. So of course, I obliged. And then she requested a picture. This is my dream realized!

elsa hair

Our friend flew up from Florida to go to the Patriot’s game last weekend, so we did a little sightseeing while he was up. We went into New Haven and walked around and saw a lot of Yale, some of which we hadn’t seen before! I can’t believe how big and beautiful that school is. New Haven is one of my favorite places!

new haven new haven

Since we have had kids, we have opened Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve. While I love that tradition, I was always disappointed that we couldn’t get more use out of them in the Christmas season. So, we decided to open them early! Each year with kids gets more fun!

christmas jammies

My friend hosted an awesome gingerbread decorating party for our group of friends! It was so much fun. In years past we would construct the houses and then decorate immediately after, but the houses would inevitable fall apart. She made them ahead of time so we could get right into decorating and it worked out great!

gingerbread houses

Levi had fallen off our little trampoline that morning and onto his bike. Poor guy is always getting himself hurt!

gingerbread decorating

Some of the bunch!

Eloise was a huge fan too. Just watching was enough for her! (Bib from [eafl id=861 name=”copper pearl bib” text=”here”] and we LOVE them! Eloise is so drooly and is always getting rashes on her neck. They are so soft and cute so I don’t mind her wearing them! Not an ad. We just love them!)

eloise and i

Our wonderful friends sent Scarlett this beautiful Cinderella dress and she is in love! And so am I! Now she is finally wearing another dress other than the hoop skirt one. Cinderella was Scarlett’s first favorite princess. I mean, did you see the hips on it? Adorable! Dressing up will never get old!cinderella
Me and my boy ?

Marcus and I were able to steal away for a double date night with our friends. We don’t get out often with other couples so it was so nice! We don’t have any Christmas parties this year so I used that excuse to wear my sequined shirt. But do I really need a reason? 

We were so surprised when we got there to find out that my sister and her husband were at the SAME restaurant! And we both were a half an hour from our homes. So crazy! Here she is stalking me before I realized she was there. It just makes me laugh so hard whenever I look at it!


Some of my family came down last weekend so we had a nice game night. There is nothing like family!

game night

My husband is so sweet. When people stay at our home, we pull out all the stops! He set up this cute breakfast buffet while I cooked waffles. img_1083

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