Freedom of Attire

The last 4.5 years of my life, I have been a baby factory. Between being pregnant and breastfeeding, I’ve had a whopping one-week break where I wasn’t doing one or the other. (Go big or go home!) While I am more than happy to share my body with these beloved creatures we have created, I haven’t been able to dress how I want in years. While I am not a fashion “expert,” I have come to love fashion in general. I’m not talking catwalk or Vogue Fashion, I just mean being somewhat presentable and wearing fashionable things.

Since my body has been up and down so much over these past few years (more emphasis on the up), I am now in a weird place. I just weaned my littlest, Eloise (it was a mutual decision between me and her, believe me) and now, for the first time in recent years, I can dress exactly how I want. But, I am paralyzed. Where do I even start? Clothing styles and my body shape has changed so much that my entire closet is nearly obsolete.

So here begins my embarkation into the “fifth trimester”. If you are familiar with this territory, lend me some advice! Or let’s go shopping. Because mama needs a makeover (much to my wallet’s dismay…) 😉

In an effort to embrace my freedom this past Sunday, I chose the least-breastfeeding friendly clothing option I could find. Because I could. So here is some inspiration for myself, or maybe for you if you are in the same boat! If you are still sharing or getting used to your new body, I feel you. And there is hope for freedom in your future!

11-2-dressdress (old, similar here), chambray shirt, necklace (Baublebar-old, similar here,  here, here), booties, watch (old Michael Kors, similar here) fitbit charge

If you are still sharing or getting used to your new body, I feel you. There is hope for your freedom in the future! Are you struggling with the fifth trimester too? Please share your tips and tricks!


Why Start A Blog?

I am busy. I have three kids, three and under. I certainly have my hands full (and everyone is so sweet to remind me of that when I go anywhere in public). I have a wonderful and supportive husband, many amazing friends, a great church, and the most amazing life. But, I can’t help but feel the need to do something. Do something for myself. Something creative, something that may encourage me to get out of leggings or workout clothes (#SAHM), and maybe wear makeup more than just once a week. Yes, I just put away two laundry baskets of clothes that was washed on Friday, and I have two more loads of laundry that will be done soon (laundry is my nemesis). I haven’t wiped down the counters from breakfast. And my oldest decided today would be a good day to not nap, despite my most convincing attempts, even though we will be out late tonight.

But it’s ok. Life is a little messy. If I can survive the day-to-day with these young kids, then I think I can survive a blog on top of it. Because mama needs something for herself sometimes. I know that if I do something for me, it will make me a better mom. A better wife. And a better friend.

(From trunk or treat last week)

These people. They are my everything.