Why Start A Blog?

I am busy. I have three kids, three and under. I certainly have my hands full (and everyone is so sweet to remind me of that when I go anywhere in public). I have a wonderful and supportive husband, many amazing friends, a great church, and the most amazing life. But, I can’t help but feel the need to do something. Do something for myself. Something creative, something that may encourage me to get out of leggings or workout clothes (#SAHM), and maybe wear makeup more than just once a week. Yes, I just put away two laundry baskets of clothes that was washed on Friday, and I have two more loads of laundry that will be done soon (laundry is my nemesis). I haven’t wiped down the counters from breakfast. And my oldest decided today would be a good day to not nap, despite my most convincing attempts, even though we will be out late tonight.

But it’s ok. Life is a little messy. If I can survive the day-to-day with these young kids, then I think I can survive a blog on top of it. Because mama needs something for herself sometimes. I know that if I do something for me, it will make me a better mom. A better wife. And a better friend.

(From trunk or treat last week)

These people. They are my everything.