Random Musings.

It’s Friday! The eve of the weekend. Can I hear a WOO HOO?!

My friends and I are doing our first annual Friendsgiving tomorrow! We have been looking forward to this for months. Six adults and nine kids… wish us luck!

Some scenes from our week…

I kind of hated on the whole matching-kid thing, until I had two girls. Now I can’t stop! Matching moccasins (c/o Freshly Picked) and cuddling and happy about it? My heart just exploded. There is nothing better.

I think Scarlett has outgrown her nap, as hard as that is to say. She went through a phase in the summer where she wouldn’t nap as often, but once fall hit she went back to napping every day. Now I just need to mentally prepare myself (again) to have a non-napper. She will be four in April so the timing makes sense. We are still in that weird phase where a nap is too much and no nap is kind of a disaster. Pray for me.

Up All Night
The second time this week she is up past 9:30. Literally keeping me from going to bed. #earlyriser #icantdonighttime
My (saint!) sister watched the kids for me on Thursday night so I could get my hair done. My poor sister…. I neglected to tell her that the bottle needs a little valve on it or it will spill EVERYWHERE. So after a few minutes of instruction and talking her off the edge, all was fine. Poor Eloise couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t be fed.

Darn you, daylight savings. Too dark for outfit pictures.
I finally started a new book this week! Wait and See by Wendy Pope. I am only two chapters in so I can’t give an official review yet, but I am so impressed so far! It is exactly what I need right now.

Wait and See

I wanted a couple extra minutes of cuddle time since I don’t get to often and Eloise was sick, so we rocked in the glider. She would put her head down on me for a minute, then pop up and look at her crib. Relax for a minute, then look at her crib. She did this for like 5 minutes so I just laid her down, and she went right to sleep. Break. My. Heart. I am so glad she likes her crib, but man did that make me sad that I couldn’t rock her!

Did you check out the other posts this week? Click the pictures below to take you there.

It wont always be this hard

 I am overwhelmed at how many of you enjoy my outfit posts! I really don’t consider myself a “fashion blogger” by any means, but these are, to my surprise,  overwhelmingly popular. Consider myself humbled! Click the picture below to take you to the post where I included links to sources.


My girlfriends and I have a big shopping date planned for next weekend, so you can expect a dressing room report! I. Can’t. Wait.

Today is the LAST DAY to enter the Freshly Picked moccasin giveaway on my Instagram! And mark your calendars for 11.22.16 where their ENTIRE website is 25% off. You read that right.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!






Have you participated in #igotdressedtoday over on Instagram? I have loved seeing everyone’s outfits! I am definitely getting better about putting together outfits and putting an effort into putting myself together (some days…). Here is a round-up of some recent outfits with links for those who are interested!


dress/ vest / booties / necklace (similar) 


open front cardigan / striped shirt (similar) / destroyed jeans / booties / necklace


lightweight sweater (similar) / necklace / vest / destroyed black jeans / hunter boots

freedom-of-attiredress (old, similar here) / chambray shirt / necklace (Baublebar-old, similar here,  here, here) /  booties / watch (old Michael Kors, similar here) /  fitbit charge

fall outfit

plaid shirt (similar) / open front cardigan / destroyed jeans / hunter boots / necklace

Make sure you post your outfit and tag me (nicole.warner) on Instagram! Like I’ve said before, there is nothing wrong with wearing leggings or workout clothes (guilty!) but it makes me feel good to dress nice. Sometimes putting a little extra effort into an outfit gives me a little more confidence. And it helps remind me that I am more than just a stay at home mom 😉


It Won’t Always be this Hard

I wish I could have a conversation with myself two years ago. I had an 18 month old and a newborn, and life felt out of control. The newborn was extremely clingy and fussy, and wouldn’t nap. I know in the scheme of things, it could have been much worse, but in the moment it felt like I was a prisoner in some sort of horror film that I couldn’t escape. Looking back, I am pretty sure I had a mild case of postpartum depression. But I digress…. That was a tough year. I couldn’t think past that day, that hour, or fathom life could be anything other than what it was-tough. Both my kids were very dependent on me, and any time I took my eyes off them it seemed like they made it their mission to try to kill themselves (I wish I was exaggerating. Normal household objects became an invitation to a funeral). I couldn’t imagine a time when my kids wouldn’t need me so intensely.

Now, here I am, two years later. My two-year-old and five-month-old are napping, and my 3.5 year old is having rest time in my room. I can ask my oldest to go and brush her teeth and she will, sans any help from me. I can ask my two oldest to clean up their playroom, and they will (grumbling, but it will get done). I can trust them to play without any supervision, and expect that they will follow the established rules and not hurt themselves.

I often joke with moms that have kids older than me how it feels to have them so independent. How nice is it to just walk into church and they go into their classroom on their own? (Said satirically, but with a heavy dose of desperation.) Because while it may not be as hard as it was, I know for a fact that it will get easier.

I wish I could go back and give myself a hug and tell myself that it will get better. They won’t need me as much. I will get through the really hard times.

And to be completely honest, I already miss it.



Our Weekend

Guys, this weekend was so good! Friday night we went to Barcelona and I failed the Whole30 in style. No shame. I already hit my weight goal and felt much better in general, so I consider that a success. #justification

Saturday was awesome. We met up with friends and went to the Equine Affaire. If you love horses and live in New England, you must go! So much fun. The kids had a great time and it was totally worth the effort.

Last year versus this year. Two more babies!
Last year versus this year. Two more babies!
painting horses
Painting horses at the craft area
Best friends with our daughter best friends
Best friends with our daughter best friends
Friends checking out the seminar
Friends checking out the seminar (and yes, Scarlett dressed herself. I am not fighting it.)
I got some cuddles after a long, exhausting day. I'm not complaining ;)
I got some cuddles after a long, exhausting day. I’m not complaining 😉

Sunday we prepped for an open house and made it to church. Nothing like hearing a great sermon to get you ready for the week! Pastor preached about prayer, and he told a very relevant home-prayer story as our open house was happening. God works in crazy ways!

Sunday evening we hung out with my sister and her husband and relaxed. It was the perfect end to a busy weekend!

Someone wanted to be a part of my #igotdressedtoday outfit picture!
Someone wanted to be a part of my #igotdressedtoday outfit picture!

I have loved the #igotdressedtoday tags on Instagram! You girls are so awesome. Keep them coming!

By the way- have you checked out Instagram today? Head on over there to win a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins. Seriously. Hurry and go enter!
I hope you have a great week everyone!




Five on Friday

What a week. I have so many emotions I am trying to work through. I am trying to stay off social media as much because the climate is just harsh. Anyways… Onto Five on Friday!

  1. This week has been nice. I purposefully planned to do less because we have been a little overscheduled. I needed a break! And I think the kids did too. So we relaxed a little and spent more time around the house.
I just love these kids.
I just love these kids.
  1. Do you follow me on Instagram? Because you are going to want to come next week. I can’t say exactly buuuuuut…. if you have young kids that like to wear things on their feet, you are in for an AMAZING giveaway! Head on over there (user name nicole.warner) and make sure you are following me so you don’t miss it!
  2. We have been working on naps with Eloise this week. Don’t get me wrong here- she is a great baby. She is WONDERFUL. But her naps just aren’t great/long. It is probably mostly due to me doing too much, not allowing her the opportunity to learn how to nap well. So after a couple days of teaching, she is napping better! Yesterday she even had two suuuuper long naps. Mama is thrilled!
  3. My husband just informed me a few hours ago that we are going out tonight to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday, which normally I would be super excited about. Except today is day 26 of the Whole30 my friend and I are doing.  I’ve never made it this far and I really want to finish, but we are going to Barcelona. Has anyone been there before? It is my ultimate weakness! Give me all the wine and cheese please!
  4. Back to Instagram for a second- I am starting a new challenge called #igotdressedtoday. As much as I love leggings, I need some motivation to get a nice outfit on more often! So go over there and join in on the fun and send me your outfits! I’m thinking I should do some sort of competition. Would that be fun? Let me know below! Here was my outfit from today.

outfit 11/10

What are your plans for this weekend? We have a great weekend planned, full of family visiting, Equine Affaire, moving things out of storage, and more. Hope you have a great weekend!

Isaiah 26:3