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Thank you all for the feedback last week when I asked what kind of posts you are looking to see. I don’t even remember the last time I have done a post like this, so it is very overdue! Here’s a little glimpse into what’s been happening in our lives. 

If I could describe Eloise in one picture, it would be this: completely fearless with a side of sass. How did she get there, you ask? She climbed onto a chair, onto the table, into her high chair, then back out. Brat. (Don’t worry, I’m close enough to catch). 

A little fire and s’mores evening. Which was unfortunately ended by Scarlett running through a hornet’s nest in the rocks 🙈 At least now we now know two out of three kids aren’t allergic!  

Scarlett’s last riding lesson of the season 😢

While my mom was away at a show, we were on barn cleaning duty. The girls take their job very seriously! 

Scarlett and Levi had their first dentist appointments! They did phenomenal and weren’t one bit afraid. And they had no cavities! 

Pictures for joining the No Cavity Club. 

Nothing sweeter. 

Baking buddies! 

Our daily harvest. Hence the three apple crisps per week 😅

We did a little lemonade stand for the first time with the kids! They had so much fun and were so proud to “work.” I hope they always keep that attitude! 

Then daddy upgraded the situation… Also flamingo pose, her new go-to for pictures. 

Clingy teething baby. Also hair long enough for bows 🙌🏼
Classic mad about something (probably because we wouldn’t let her have more lemonade). 

Scarlett is just the best big sister we could ask for. She’s so sweet and caring for her younger siblings! And she’s so tolerant of Eloise’ attitude, which is often since she wants to do everything Scarlett is doing. 

I’ll try and get more consistent with these. Time just seems to pass so fast! 

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