Our Weekend

This weekend was glorious. We had such a busy summer where every weekend we had at least one commitment (sometimes 2-3 a day!) so we have been enjoying the past couple weekends where we could just relax, spend time as a family, and do some things around the house.

Saturday morning we headed out and got some thing for our new playroom! (post to come this week, hopefully!) First stop was Home Depot (for the not as fun things), then Toys R Us, and then IKEA. By some miracle, we survived all three stops with all the kids! And NO meltdowns. We were close at one point, but we were able to diffuse (insert praise hands).

Trip to IKEA success
Running errands with all the kids and actually not stressed upon completion. Win!

On a side-note, Levi still uses a paci and he just turned two in September. I have a friend that she wasn’t able to wean her son from his paci until he was 5, so I’ve been scared to let him use it any longer. So, not thinking about daylight savings, we decided today would be the day for him to stop using it. I talked a little about it on my insta-story (you should follow along!) It actually went better than I thought and we didn’t have any trouble!

Our big boy- no more paci!
Our big boy- no more paci!

Once the kids went down for naps, we got into extreme hustle mode, in an attempt to get the playroom ready before they woke up. Spoiler alert, these things take longer than a naptime will allow. Either way, the kids woke up and were thrilled to help us set the rest up and play for the remainder of the evening.

Sunday… Sunday was a funny day.  First off, daylight savings. Meh. Anyways, we had planned to work more on the playroom in the morning and then to go to night church, since we had to meet with Pastor to go over Eloise’s dedication for next week (yay!). In a series of unfortunate events, our power went off at 1:30. Apparently a tree hit a transformer and it would be back up in a couple of hours, so no big deal. Then our realtor calls us (our home is on the market, that’s a story for another day).  It is 2:20 pm, and she is wondering if we can have our house ready for a showing at 3:45. So of course we say yes, and immediately enter into frantic-clean mode. By some miracle we were able to get the house mostly clean (as clean as possible with no power) and that included folding and putting away two loads of laundry- have I said laundry is my weakness before? I have no idea how we did it. So we are out of the house in time and hanging out at the (FREEZING) park, when a conversation with my realtor says that the people never showed. So all that for nothing? Hey, at least our house is clean to start off the week (my husband is so optimistic, and I am so thankful for that or I might have cried). So we weren’t able to go to church because Marcus hadn’t showered yet after his workout and we couldn’t have orchestrated everything to allow us to go in time. Womp womp.

Our night ended with me giving the kids baths while Marcus ran out to get groceries (have I sung his praises before? He is so amazing!). A little bit of Shrek 2 and then bedtime for all. It was a great, low-key weekend and just what we needed to recharge for the week.

Have you had success weaning from the pacifier? Was it easier/more difficult than expected? Are you interested in a post for how we did it? Share your stories below! Have a great week everyone!

Why Start A Blog?

I am busy. I have three kids, three and under. I certainly have my hands full (and everyone is so sweet to remind me of that when I go anywhere in public). I have a wonderful and supportive husband, many amazing friends, a great church, and the most amazing life. But, I can’t help but feel the need to do something. Do something for myself. Something creative, something that may encourage me to get out of leggings or workout clothes (#SAHM), and maybe wear makeup more than just once a week. Yes, I just put away two laundry baskets of clothes that was washed on Friday, and I have two more loads of laundry that will be done soon (laundry is my nemesis). I haven’t wiped down the counters from breakfast. And my oldest decided today would be a good day to not nap, despite my most convincing attempts, even though we will be out late tonight.

But it’s ok. Life is a little messy. If I can survive the day-to-day with these young kids, then I think I can survive a blog on top of it. Because mama needs something for herself sometimes. I know that if I do something for me, it will make me a better mom. A better wife. And a better friend.

(From trunk or treat last week)

These people. They are my everything.