We’ve Been Keeping A Secret…

Some of you know that our house has been on the market. What you may not know is that it has been on the market since April. April 15, to be exact. Our family had entered a season of waiting. Patience. Anxiety. Confusion. Hope. Having your home on the market for eight months can be taxing on you mentally and wear on your relationships. So. Many. Showings. But after nearly eight months…

We are under contract!


This was a lesson for us in being patient in God’s timing, not our own. We thought we would be moved at this point. We thought we would already be in a new home. Honestly, I thought we would be under contract before Eloise was born- six months ago. But God had different plans. I will be completely honest and admit that this has been very hard for me. Patience has never been my strong suit. But, this pause in our lives has caused me to draw closer to God. We saw the doors open so clearly to move and put our home on the market, only to have it sit. But I learned that instead of leaning on my own understanding, I need to go to God first when I am confused. Reach out to Him when things aren’t how I planned. That is the wonderful thing about having a relationship with Him- He knows my heart. He doesn’t expect me to be perfect. He wants me to lean on Him when I am weak. He is fine that I am not strong. His blessings are not dependent on my works or merit, and he loved me just the same!

This was our first home. The home we brought all our babies home to. The place we celebrated four (almost five!) Christmases. The place we lived when my brother came home from the Army. The home where we saw four anniversaries. We celebrated many birthdays, had lots of parties, holidays, and basically any excuse to have friends over. We had many dinners with friends and sleepovers. But our time at this home and chapter of our lives has (finally) come to a close.

So if you are still with me, here is part two. We are moving, but not staying in Connecticut. We are moving to…

New Hampshire!

We are so excited to move to be closer to family. We love Connecticut, but we are in love with the idea of more land, lower cost of living, a slower pace of life, and of course, family. We have been in Connecticut for seven years now, so it will be a huge adjustment! Not only are we moving near family, but we are moving in WITH family. Until we buy a home, we are moving in with my parents (gulp). But honestly, we are so thankful we have a familiar landing spot while we get acclimated! Stay tuned for more updates on our adventure!

Mens Stocking Stuffer Guide

Buying for men is TOUGH. Maybe it’s just my guy, but he never wants anything. And when he does, he buys it. So whenever holidays or birthdays roll around, I am always stumped! At least with stocking stuffers I have my go-to items that are sure to please.


[eafl id=766 name=”Mens Sunglasses” text=”Sunglasses”] / [eafl id=764 name=”mens fun socks” text=”socks”] / [eafl id=763 name=”jack black face lotion” text=”face lotion”] / [eafl id=765 name=”Fitbit Blaze” text=”Fitbit Blaze”] / [eafl id=761 name=”Calvin Klein Boxer Brief” text=”Brief”] / [eafl id=760 name=”Jack Black Clay Pomade” text=”Clay Pomade”] / [eafl id=762 name=”jerky” text=”jerky”] / [eafl id=767 name=”Ibeats” text=”headphones”] / [eafl id=768 name=”gum” text=”gum”]

[eafl id=766 name=”Mens Sunglasses” text=”Sunglasses”] are a hot item in our house. Both Marcus and I have an affinity for a good set of spectacles. Marcus, however, seems to lose them as quickly as he buys them. I can’t count how many pairs of Oakley sunglasses he’s lost over the years! These [eafl id=766 name=”Mens Sunglasses” text=”sunglasses “]are so inexpensive, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at them. Here’s to hoping this expensive habit can be salvaged!

My husband has always been about his funky [eafl id=764 name=”mens fun socks” text=”socks”]. I am always adding to his collection, and these fit the bill! In the book he wrote (releasing soon! #shamelssplug) he explains the significance behind his socks and how it helps him at work. Go check out his website and you can preorder a copy of his book today!

My husband is not high maintenance in the least. He does, however, enjoy a good lotion or product. He started using the Jack Black line in the past couple years and he loves it! This [eafl id=763 name=”jack black face lotion” text=”lotion “]would be a great addition to his collection.

We are a Fitbit household. Both of us are pretty active, and it is a fun way to stay competitive with our fitness goals. Marcus loves his [eafl id=765 name=”Fitbit Blaze” text=”Blaze”]! And my brother in law just got one too. This would be such a great gift for the athletic guy, or the guy who wants encouragement to be more athletic.

This may be TMI, but I recently went through Marcus’ clothes. I don’t want to tell you how old some of his undergarments were. Or maybe I could try and tell you, but they were before my time and I don’t even know how old they are! (We have been together for 9 years for some context). I have been adding to his brief collection and he is a huge fan of these [eafl id=761 name=”Calvin Klein Boxer Brief” text=”Calvin Klein boxer briefs”]! A little more expensive, but I promise they are worth it. He will thank you!

Marcus has used tons of different hair products over the years. When he started using the [eafl id=760 name=”Jack Black Clay Pomade” text=”Jack Black Clay Pomade”], he was sold for life. Very easy to use and to style, and your ‘do stays put and looks effortless.

Is it just my guy, or do men love weird foods? I personally do not understand the [eafl id=762 name=”jerkey” text=”jerky “]thing, but it is always a hit. [eafl id=762 name=”jerkey” text=”This “]variety pack of different types would be a fun gift!

My husband, the king of losing all the things, somehow has hung onto his really nice headphones for a while now. He has and loves his [eafl id=767 name=”Ibeats” text=”Beats”]! Another one that is more money, but totally worth it. If you’ve never tried them, you don’t know what you’re missing! Your guy would be totally thrilled to find [eafl id=767 name=”Ibeats” text=”this “]in his sock.

Always a crowd pleaser in our house is [eafl id=768 name=”gum” text=”gum”]. I have some stashed in my car and diaper bag so I can pop a piece and not offend the world while running errands. We always need more, and we love [eafl id=768 name=”gum” text=”this “]kind!

Is yours as hard to shop for as mine? Share what your go-to stocking stuffers are! I need more inspiration!

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Life Lately

The past week and a half has been a whirlwind. A good whirlwind. Between traveling and setting up for Christmas (and unpacking, that’s a feat in and of itself), I need a vacation from our vacation!

Are these girls not the cutest?!

To start last weekend, we had our first annual Friendsgiving. There were 15 attendees between the kids and adults and it was so much fun! We fed the kids first then put on a Christmas movie for them so the adults could dine and chat, and it couldn’t have gone any better. The food was delicious and company was even better!

A little side note… some little girl child of mine decided to insert my computer SD card cover into my camera SD card slot… no bueno. So, I am camera-less. My friend was a LIFESAVER and offered to bring her camera to snap some pictures. But, I totally forgot to get pictures of the adults. I’ll be better next time! Table Setting


Scarlett and her best friends.

The kids had a blast playing in the yard while the men fried the turkey. Have you ever had a fried turkey? TO DIE FOR. As in I will never make a turkey another way again.

We spent the week of Thanksgiving at my in-law’s in PA and it was such a blast! My brother and sister in law were up from North Carolina, so it was so nice spending time with family we don’t see often.

My girl helping me prepare sweet potato casserole.

sweet potato casserole

Post Thanksgiving nap. This was so sweet for me because Ellie does NOT nap on us. Not that we don’t want to, just being a third child it doesn’t happen much, therefore she doesn’t really know how. I just about died when I saw this! So sweet.


She was so happy to have to be held alllll week. This week has been a rude awakening the reality that she can’t be held all day anymore.

babyMimi bought these awesome inflatable beds and sleeping bags for the kids. So brilliant! The kids slept HARD after all that playing. I literally was begging her here to wake up from a THREE hour nap.

napping at mimis

Early morning stories with his girls.

hubby with girls

Tractor rides with Poppy! Levi was in heaven.

PA Tractor ride

Me and my girls. I am so blessed.

Me and my girls

I can’t even handle these crossed legs. This girl is growing way faster than acceptable. She needs to stop it.

crossed legs

Our kids are the youngest 3 out of the 7 on this side of the family. They were LOVING being around the older cousins! The kids were all so well behaved the whole trip. Marcus and I kept saying to each other how blessed we are.


Since we all live apart, we celebrate our Christmas with this side of the family on Thanksgiving. Mimi set up an ugly sweater decorating contest and it was so much fun! She sent the kids off in the dollar store with $7 to pick decorations of their choosings. Although after 5 minutes the kids lost interest and the moms and Mimi spent the next few hours finishing them. What we do for our kids! They loved them though. Ugly Sweater

Not quite sure what was happening. But she did enjoy her tinsel (read: trying to eat her outfit).

Ugly Sweater

Ellie’s first highchair meal on the drive home. Seriously, too big.


We got in late Friday, and Saturday morning we decided to go out for breakfast since we had no food in the house (it is one of our favorite things to do anyway). I was talking to my realtor as we were loading up the car at 8:45 and she mentions to me that we have a showing at noon (she thought we were out of town until Sunday). So imagine me running around the house, trying to tidy up when we haven’t even unpacked, with Christmas decorations and presents strewn about. It was a mess. Let’s see if they actually make an offer. Ha! Can you say a little prayer for our house to sell? These showings are getting a bit tiring. Thanks ?

My boys at breakfast. My heart is full.

breakfast boys

Christmas tree shopping.  Obv.christmas tree christmas treeSo, so thankful for these babies.

christmas with babies

Sunday was a whirlwind of church, nursery, and SHOPPING. I am too tired to add in outfit pictures and this post is already pretty picture heavy. So expect a dressing room post this week, k?

Did you catch the post on our family pictures from last week? Click the picture below to take you there. I gave my advice to surviving family pictures with young children. Advice and what not to do. Believe me, we’ve been there. surviving family pictures with young children