Dressing Room Chronicles

*Since this is Cyber Week, I figured I would post this instead of my normally scheduled post so you can take advantage of some awesome deals!*


Seeing a picture of myself in clothes always looks different than what I see in the mirror. Am I the only one? My friend and I went shopping on Sunday after church and we picked up a ton of great things! I took some snaps of one store (simply because I forgot the other until I was done trying) and thought maybe you’d like to see. Keep your eye on future outfit posts to see what I ended up with ?

Just a little disclaimer- these are not good pictures. But at least you can get an idea how each item fits and maybe get a gift for someone you know (or yourself…).

The jeans and booties I’m wearing in these pictures are what I wore to the store. These [eafl id=647 name=”Gap Skinny Jeans” text=”skinny jeans”] are amazing and such a great basic! I got these booties last year at Nordstrom Rack and they are unavailable, but similar ones [eafl id=648 name=”brown booties” text=”here.”] If you have a good eye you can spot my [eafl id=649 name=”jcrew factory jacket” text=”jacket”] too. It’s my FAVORITE and I wear it almost every day. (It’s on sale too!)

I have been needing a good [eafl id=645 name=”chunky knit sweater” text=”chunky knit sweater”] for forever. This one was super comfy, but not so fitted that I couldn’t eat a few extra tacos. The sleeves are long enough which is awesome. It is heavy enough but not too heavy.

This [eafl id=646 name=”marled sweater” text=”marled sweater”] was great. Great basic for the price point! I would call it a medium thickness, so perfect for fall.

This [eafl id=651 name=”old navy basic long sleeved tee” text=”long sleeved tee”] is great. Good stretchy material with long enough sleeves (can you tell this is my pet peeve?). I sized up to a medium for a looser fit, and hopefully it will wash well.

Basics was the name of the game this trip. If you read my post about my body struggles, you’ll know I need basically entire new wardrobe. This was another cute top to add to the cart.

This turtleneck- I could gush about it all day. I have never been a turtleneck fan, but this might convert me. It is super lightweight and stretchy, and of course, stripes. Add to the bag!

This[eafl id=654 name=”jersey tee” text=”jersey long sleeved tee”] was a great layering piece. It was really stretchy and not too fitted. It comes in great color options too!

Ok this I am obsessed with. Between the [eafl id=655 name=”gingham flannel” text=”gingham shirt “]and [eafl id=656 name=”frost free vest” text=”vest”], this is a great outfit in itself! The vest is suuuuper comfy and warm. Believe it or not, I didn’t wear vests until last year. I was convinced my arms would be cold! Boy was I wrong. They are so perfect for fall! Now I can’t get enough of them. I want one in every color. The [eafl id=655 name=”gingham flannel” text=”gingham flannel”] was great fitting and a perfect closet staple. Easy to dress up or down!

And that’s a wrap! As you may have noticed, everything hailed from Old Navy. My girlfriend and I did do some damage at Nordstrom, but like I said before, I completely forgot to snap some pictures. Now I have an excuse to go shopping again….

Old Navy is having some great sales still! Up to 50% off and free shipping over $50. Are you reading that husband?… 😉

What do you think? Are you in need of some basics like I was? Which was your favorite? Share below!



Life Lately

The past week and a half has been a whirlwind. A good whirlwind. Between traveling and setting up for Christmas (and unpacking, that’s a feat in and of itself), I need a vacation from our vacation!

Are these girls not the cutest?!

To start last weekend, we had our first annual Friendsgiving. There were 15 attendees between the kids and adults and it was so much fun! We fed the kids first then put on a Christmas movie for them so the adults could dine and chat, and it couldn’t have gone any better. The food was delicious and company was even better!

A little side note… some little girl child of mine decided to insert my computer SD card cover into my camera SD card slot… no bueno. So, I am camera-less. My friend was a LIFESAVER and offered to bring her camera to snap some pictures. But, I totally forgot to get pictures of the adults. I’ll be better next time! Table Setting


Scarlett and her best friends.

The kids had a blast playing in the yard while the men fried the turkey. Have you ever had a fried turkey? TO DIE FOR. As in I will never make a turkey another way again.

We spent the week of Thanksgiving at my in-law’s in PA and it was such a blast! My brother and sister in law were up from North Carolina, so it was so nice spending time with family we don’t see often.

My girl helping me prepare sweet potato casserole.

sweet potato casserole

Post Thanksgiving nap. This was so sweet for me because Ellie does NOT nap on us. Not that we don’t want to, just being a third child it doesn’t happen much, therefore she doesn’t really know how. I just about died when I saw this! So sweet.


She was so happy to have to be held alllll week. This week has been a rude awakening the reality that she can’t be held all day anymore.

babyMimi bought these awesome inflatable beds and sleeping bags for the kids. So brilliant! The kids slept HARD after all that playing. I literally was begging her here to wake up from a THREE hour nap.

napping at mimis

Early morning stories with his girls.

hubby with girls

Tractor rides with Poppy! Levi was in heaven.

PA Tractor ride

Me and my girls. I am so blessed.

Me and my girls

I can’t even handle these crossed legs. This girl is growing way faster than acceptable. She needs to stop it.

crossed legs

Our kids are the youngest 3 out of the 7 on this side of the family. They were LOVING being around the older cousins! The kids were all so well behaved the whole trip. Marcus and I kept saying to each other how blessed we are.


Since we all live apart, we celebrate our Christmas with this side of the family on Thanksgiving. Mimi set up an ugly sweater decorating contest and it was so much fun! She sent the kids off in the dollar store with $7 to pick decorations of their choosings. Although after 5 minutes the kids lost interest and the moms and Mimi spent the next few hours finishing them. What we do for our kids! They loved them though. Ugly Sweater

Not quite sure what was happening. But she did enjoy her tinsel (read: trying to eat her outfit).

Ugly Sweater

Ellie’s first highchair meal on the drive home. Seriously, too big.


We got in late Friday, and Saturday morning we decided to go out for breakfast since we had no food in the house (it is one of our favorite things to do anyway). I was talking to my realtor as we were loading up the car at 8:45 and she mentions to me that we have a showing at noon (she thought we were out of town until Sunday). So imagine me running around the house, trying to tidy up when we haven’t even unpacked, with Christmas decorations and presents strewn about. It was a mess. Let’s see if they actually make an offer. Ha! Can you say a little prayer for our house to sell? These showings are getting a bit tiring. Thanks ?

My boys at breakfast. My heart is full.

breakfast boys

Christmas tree shopping.  Obv.christmas tree christmas treeSo, so thankful for these babies.

christmas with babies

Sunday was a whirlwind of church, nursery, and SHOPPING. I am too tired to add in outfit pictures and this post is already pretty picture heavy. So expect a dressing room post this week, k?

Did you catch the post on our family pictures from last week? Click the picture below to take you there. I gave my advice to surviving family pictures with young children. Advice and what not to do. Believe me, we’ve been there. surviving family pictures with young children



Surviving Family Pictures with Young Children

 surviving family pictures with young children

Family pictures. It makes me sweat just thinking about it. Between picking out outfits (sorry to all my friends and family for the incessant outfit approvals…), picking the right time of day, making sure everyone is fed and not tired and happy…ugh. It can be overwhelming! I am not great about getting good quality non-phone pictures of my family, so our yearly family pictures have become very important to me. I have learned what NOT to do the hard way, so I figured I would share to hopefully help you out in the future!


Don’t have your family pictures done in the heat of summer, if you can help it. For whatever reason, last year I thought it would be a great idea to have our pictures done in July. JULY. Granted we live in Connecticut so summer is mild compared to other states, but still. It was one of those days where you could not escape the heat and my makeup was melting off, nevermind my hair was flat by the end. So learn from my mistake. Choose a mild temperature month.

We just had our pictures done in October, and everyone was so much happier across the board. The sun wasn’t intense, we could layer a bit (which looks nicer in pictures anyway!) and the kids could run around and play without having heat stroke. Win.

Time of Day

We chose to have our pictures done at 10. Usually, this is a great time for us. The children would be well rested, but be awake enough to not have the morning crankies. The morning of, I checked the weather. It was 47 degrees at 10. Crap. That is really cold! I mean, I had a four month old (at the time). Thankfully our photographer is awesome and was flexible, and we agreed to change the pictures to 11. It was only 5 degrees warmer at that point, but I would say it was worth it! I was a little nervous moving it later in the morning, fearing we may have entered hungry/tired/crazy mode. But I took the chance. And we survived! Mainly due to the next point…

Overfeed Your Children

We try and feed our kids balanced meals and teach moderation. But on picture day, anything goes. You want an extra side of cheese in addition to your cheesy eggs? Sure. Quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for some munchkins? You got it. Because a kid with a full belly is 100% happier than a hungry kid. And we all know a hungry kid is a disaster to work with.


Now listen. I am firmly in the do-not-bribe-your-child camp. However, rules do not apply on family day. I purchased that box of munchkins with not an ounce of shame and would kindly remind my child that if they smiled for the camera, a nice sugary treat may await them. You can bet my kids smiled their faces off!

Short and Sweet

You know your kids, and every kid, no matter how well behaved, will have their limit. They are like little bombs, just waiting to explode. Don’t twaddle (did you know it was spelled that way? I had no idea. Ha!)- take those pictures like you mean it. Get everyone into their position as fast as you can, and then move to the next spot. I am no photographer, but I know I need to be as efficient as possible for the best success. Plus, you will keep your kids on their toes. It sounds silly, but if they are moving around and being stimulated, they may not have time to think about whining.


Kids have lots of energy. Keep that in mind when choosing a location. If at all possible, choose a place where they can run and get some energy out. They will be so much happier and pleasant! If they are contained inside, it will only cause them to get stir crazy. And on the plus side, candid shots are amazing. Get some of them running and having a good time. The smile on their face will be so much more genuine!

Plan and Prepare Outfits in Advance

Think simple, comfortable, and coordinated. Please, oh please, don’t have everyone in jeans and a white top. You are capturing a glimpse into your life at this time, so wear something that you might normally wear, just a little more polished. I know there are tons of resources out there to assist in pattern mixing and what not, but if you are stuck, just don’t overcomplicate it.

And now, onto our pictures!

family pictures
All looking? Win!
family pictures
I can’t even with this one. My heart just bursts with pride!


family pictures family pictures

family pictures scarlett
My sweet (and spunky) Scarlett


family pictures men
Just so handsome.
I mean...I just can't.
I mean…I just can’t.
I know I've said it before, but how did I get so blessed?!
I know I’ve said it before, but how did I get so blessed?!
So much love.
So much love.
See what I mean about letting them run? Just look at Levi's face!
See what I mean about letting them run? Just look at Levi’s face!


Love my man and sweet Eloise
Love my man and sweet Eloise
I miss them already at this size!
I already miss them at this size!
Partners in crime.
Partners in crime.
Oh, this boy. His personality is developing so much lately and he is just the goofiest and sweetest thing.
Oh, this boy. His personality is developing so much lately and he is just the goofiest and sweetest thing.



Oh, my heart.
Oh, my heart.

OK I know that was a lot, sorry (not sorry). I am so glad we had the opportunity to take pictures this year and am beyond ecstatic with how they turned out! (Shout out to Greg for the great pictures and managing to get the kids to all look/smile! Make sure you check him out if you are in Connecticut and tell him I sent you!)

I hope you can learn from mistakes of what not to do, and hopefully you can have a successful family photo session. I know how important it is to document these times! As we all know, time is fleeting with these kids at this age, and I want to remember every moment.

Did you have family photos done this year? How did it go? While ours was 99% successful this year, some little boy (not naming names, but it wasn’t Marcus) had quite the blowout at the end. I’m talking out of the pants and shirt. Everything. Safe to say that our session ended then… Do you have a story that can top that? Let me hear it!

surviving family pictures with young children

Random Musings.

It’s Friday! The eve of the weekend. Can I hear a WOO HOO?!

My friends and I are doing our first annual Friendsgiving tomorrow! We have been looking forward to this for months. Six adults and nine kids… wish us luck!

Some scenes from our week…

I kind of hated on the whole matching-kid thing, until I had two girls. Now I can’t stop! Matching moccasins (c/o Freshly Picked) and cuddling and happy about it? My heart just exploded. There is nothing better.

I think Scarlett has outgrown her nap, as hard as that is to say. She went through a phase in the summer where she wouldn’t nap as often, but once fall hit she went back to napping every day. Now I just need to mentally prepare myself (again) to have a non-napper. She will be four in April so the timing makes sense. We are still in that weird phase where a nap is too much and no nap is kind of a disaster. Pray for me.

Up All Night
The second time this week she is up past 9:30. Literally keeping me from going to bed. #earlyriser #icantdonighttime
My (saint!) sister watched the kids for me on Thursday night so I could get my hair done. My poor sister…. I neglected to tell her that the bottle needs a little valve on it or it will spill EVERYWHERE. So after a few minutes of instruction and talking her off the edge, all was fine. Poor Eloise couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t be fed.

Darn you, daylight savings. Too dark for outfit pictures.
I finally started a new book this week! Wait and See by Wendy Pope. I am only two chapters in so I can’t give an official review yet, but I am so impressed so far! It is exactly what I need right now.

Wait and See

I wanted a couple extra minutes of cuddle time since I don’t get to often and Eloise was sick, so we rocked in the glider. She would put her head down on me for a minute, then pop up and look at her crib. Relax for a minute, then look at her crib. She did this for like 5 minutes so I just laid her down, and she went right to sleep. Break. My. Heart. I am so glad she likes her crib, but man did that make me sad that I couldn’t rock her!

Did you check out the other posts this week? Click the pictures below to take you there.

It wont always be this hard

 I am overwhelmed at how many of you enjoy my outfit posts! I really don’t consider myself a “fashion blogger” by any means, but these are, to my surprise,  overwhelmingly popular. Consider myself humbled! Click the picture below to take you to the post where I included links to sources.


My girlfriends and I have a big shopping date planned for next weekend, so you can expect a dressing room report! I. Can’t. Wait.

Today is the LAST DAY to enter the Freshly Picked moccasin giveaway on my Instagram! And mark your calendars for 11.22.16 where their ENTIRE website is 25% off. You read that right.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!






Have you participated in #igotdressedtoday over on Instagram? I have loved seeing everyone’s outfits! I am definitely getting better about putting together outfits and putting an effort into putting myself together (some days…). Here is a round-up of some recent outfits with links for those who are interested!


dress/ vest / booties / necklace (similar) 


open front cardigan / striped shirt (similar) / destroyed jeans / booties / necklace


lightweight sweater (similar) / necklace / vest / destroyed black jeans / hunter boots

freedom-of-attiredress (old, similar here) / chambray shirt / necklace (Baublebar-old, similar here,  here, here) /  booties / watch (old Michael Kors, similar here) /  fitbit charge

fall outfit

plaid shirt (similar) / open front cardigan / destroyed jeans / hunter boots / necklace

Make sure you post your outfit and tag me (nicole.warner) on Instagram! Like I’ve said before, there is nothing wrong with wearing leggings or workout clothes (guilty!) but it makes me feel good to dress nice. Sometimes putting a little extra effort into an outfit gives me a little more confidence. And it helps remind me that I am more than just a stay at home mom 😉