About Me

Hi, I’m Nicole. I am a twenty-something with a lot of drive and way too many interests. I have the most amazing little family; I’m married to the most incredible man I know (seriously, not even exaggerating). I have the three sweetest and most adorable children ever: Scarlett Avery, Levi Weston, and Eloise Jane. I spend my days wiping bums and trying to catch up on laundry, while squeezing in a cute outfit or DIY project while trying not to burn dinner.

My husband, Marcus, and I met in college (thanks to a bag of peanut m&m’s- I’ll have to share the story one day), got engaged after a year of dating, and were married within a year. I was 20, he was 22. We were young and naïve, and we have never regretted it. We lived in Florida for bit, then relocated to Connecticut to be closer to family (and SEASONS). In January 2017 we decided to move to New Hampshire for a little slower pace of life.

I like anything from fitness to fashion, momming to home decorating. I start my mornings with coffee and Jesus, and try to surround myself with great people and pretty things. Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite, and I could live on tacos alone. I am just a mom trying to get through the day with a smile on my face.

Obsessed with:
My family
Interior Design
(not in that order)
Join me on this little journey called life, and maybe we can try and find some humor in it along the way!